your Camera. unchained.

"The beauty of the hipjib lies in its simplicity."


flexible jib

vertical movements from high above your head to close to the ground, wide pans in any direction - hipjib gives you instant flexibility for all your camera movements.

solid rig

steady shots with the stability of a shoulder rig. You won't feel the weight of camera and tripod, as it is compensated by the belt.

paparazzo scope

extreme high angles, daring perspectives, or keep your camera above the crowd. hipjib takes your camera to new heights, without the need for any additional equipment.

total creative freedom

rolls, upside-down-swings, slider-effects, selfies - the sky is the limit. No other tool offers such vast possibilities at this size, weight, and price-point.

"Melts camera with man. I love it!"

Sebastian Poerschke, director


“…feels durable and very practical - a function of excellent design.” [read more]...

- Kokobin | Kickstarter pledger

Finally, my 2 hipjibs arrived today in London, UK. 
Looks and feels like I imagined all those weeks ago. 
Smells out of the box like something luxurious and high class. Lovely, zippered storage pouch with the trendy hipjib logo a nice, pleasing touch. 
Lightweight. Smooth movements. In use with my tripod, feels durable and very practical - a function of excellent design. I will be testing my hipjibs with new stuff I am putting together for some work later in the year. Gert, my heartfelt thanks to you and your team.

“it took us only minutes to recognize its potential” [read more]...

- Knut Sodemann | Multivision LLC | Hamburg, Germany

Wir machen Dokumentar- und Werbefilme, Konzertmitschnitte und Videoclips. Deshalb sind wir für jede Neuerung aufgeschlossen, die uns hilft, effizienter und kreativer zu arbeiten. Als wir den ersten Prototypen von hipjib testen konnten, wußten wir sofort, was für ein Potenzial in dem Teil steckt. Genau richtig für unsere Arbeit!

“Just what I always wanted!” [read more]...

- Nico Hudak | cameraman & director | Counter Production | Berlin & Montana

I love to shoot dynamically, from the hip and on the run. hipjib is the perfect accessory for me. Fast and light I forget I even have it on as the camera becomes an extension of my body. Just what I always wanted! This is definitely a filmmaker's tool made by a fellow filmmaker.

“a minimum of baggage and budget.” [read more]...

- Michael Meyer | photographer | Nuremberg, Germany

As a photographer, I am getting more and more into video production. With hipjib I am effortlessly exploiting some pretty cool ways of camera handling with a minimum of baggage and budget. Even fits in my DSLR gear backpack.

“Melts camera and man to one thing. I love it!” [read more]...

- Sebastian Poerschke | director | JJST | Berlin, Germany

Melts camera and man to one thing. I love it!

“The beauty of the hipjib lies in its simplicity.” [read more]...

- Robert Hardy |

Turn Your Tripod Into a Versatile Camera Movement System with Hipjib For the past few years, Kickstarter has been rife with all sorts of campaigns for gadgets and gizmos aimed at budget filmmakers. Oftentimes, these new inventions are just slightly modified versions of classic designs offered at a cheaper price. Other times, these crowdfunding products are unlike anything else out there, like the SnapFocus. And then there are times when a product comes along that is so simply brilliant that it makes you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it first. The hipjib, a small device that turns any basic tripod into a versatile camera movement system, falls into the latter category. Check out the campaign video for the hipjib below: The beauty of the hipjib lies in its simplicity. Through combining the various creative uses for a tripod with a device that allows the weight of your camera to rest entirely on your hips, hipjib becomes a system of camera movement that is both highly versatile and relatively easy on your body (depending on the weight of your tripod/camera.) Here’s what the creators of hipjib say the device can accomplish: 1. Replacing a conventional camera shoulder rig by offering even more stability and flexibility, at a fraction of the weight and cost. 2. Enabling extremely smooth vertical camera movements reaching from the ground up to approximately 2.5 meters (6.5 feet) or higher, depending on the type of videohead used. This feature outperforms any expensive and bulky jibarm and its assembly on location.  3.  Smooth multi-directional camera movements in a combination of tripod or monopod, tripod head, and body action. In short: hipJib’s strengths come into play in situations where speed, improvisation, and flexibility are crucial.  While the hipjib certainly isn’t a replacement for traditional methods of camera movement such as dollies and jibs, it does offer something that those movement systems can’t: the freedom and ability to move the camera in just about any conceivable way with a level of stability that is nearly impossible when shooting handheld. In my eyes, many of the moves possible with the hipjib look to be difficult to accomplish and awkward for the operator. However, it also appears that, with a little bit (or a lot) of practice, that hipjib operating might become a skill unto itself, much like operating a steadicam. I can see the hipjib being an excellent tool for videographers looking to spice up their shots and add instantaneous production value at a reasonable price. As a narrative filmmaking tool, it might be able to bridge the gap between the freedom of handheld and the precision of other movement systems, although I have a hard time imagining myself using this in a narrative context. Check out the Kickstarter campaign for the hipjib here. What do you guys think? Is the hipjib a revolutionary device for both filmmakers and videographers alike? In what circumstances do you think this device would come in handy? Let us know in the comments!

The Team

specs & requirements

all you need:

any standard tripod or monopod with video head, with the legs’ rubber base diameter between 0.78” (20mm) and 1.46” (35mm).
for comfortable use we recommend using video cameras up to 6.6lbs (3kg) weight (depending on tripod-height).
for additional control, you can attach a small video monitor to your tripod at eye-level with our supplied monitor clip.

hipjib specs:

•  weight: 0.88lbs (400g)
•  length: 10.6” (27cm)
•  diameter: 2.75” (7cm)
•  material: made from polyamide and POM
•  patent pending.

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